Happy original due date, Little Love!

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baby #2 / bump / pregnancy

38 weeks
^^And this is what you get when you’re too lazy to get out the tripod… or put on a shirt, apparently.^^

Before you get too excited, we are still only 38 weeks but this was my original due date that I was not so secretly hoping would reveal itself as the actual due date ;) But really, this pregnancy has gone by so fast, I’m happy this little one has made itself comfy in there. Contractions have disappeared – they were pretty constant for a couple days so the lack of those has me thinking maybe we have a whole month left! Which is totally fine cause I have loads to do heheh… and I’m getting pretty uncomfortable and Greg is noticing so I’m finally getting some massages which are SO appreciated :D I’m definitely one of those people that could probably be massaged all day and it still wouldn’t be enough. Another area where I am a black hole of need.

How far along? 38 weeks

Weight Gained: 35 lbs! Look at me dropping pounds like it’s nobody’s business! I don’t really know what that phrase means but it felt appropriate.

Symptoms: Aches and pains are really kicking in. I’m pretty sure I look very pregnant when I walk/move at all now. I’ve never been treated so nice at Whole Foods which was a plus! I currently have a little foot testing my rib strength in there. Some days I’m confident the day is around the corner and some days it feels like months away… well month to be exact :) Really can’t believe this has snuck up on us so quickly and I get to see that precious face so very soon!

Movement: This one may be a gymnast which would be shocking because Greg and I are two of the most inflexible people you’ll ever meet. I keep seeing my belly go out in completely opposite directions which is likely a hand (or butt) and foot combo, but I like to pretend it’s two feet and baby is practicing the splits. It’s a much more amusing image in my mind.

Food cravings: I was craving an acai bowl this morning so Abbie and I made that happen. My classy little date ;) acai
This girl man, she’s the best. I keep meaning to do an update on her to remember each thing but then there is the ever present issue of time… sigh

Food aversions: Not really

Sleep: Pretty good considering all of me aches

Stretch marks? Not that I’ve noticed

Belly button in or out? In-ish

Miss anything? Not really

Mood? So, I’ve sort of been joking about it but the reality is, my diet this pregnancy has been, in a word, horrific. I’ve basically been living on fast food and sweets which, I finally put together, was really affecting my mood and mental health. Seems simple but I never really linked those two things. So! this week I changed my diet which is in itself a huge accomplishment even though it’s only been four days but I already feel loads better! Greg says it’s all in my head at this point but a happy head makes a happy wife so, TADA! I’m hoping to keep this up till my birthday in October, so we shall see :)

Maternity Clothes? Are needed.

New baby items: …

Exercise: I even went for a couple walks this week! Be so proud of me. AND sawed down a couple more trees which I totally consider a workout when done manually. I’m sure Greg just loves hearing, “can you come help me? I’m afraid if I finish sawing down this tree, it’s going to hit the power lines…” I’m telling you… whoever gave us that little saw has rocked my pregnant world!

Best moment of the week: Greg spoiled me rotten this week :) I’m a mush of rottenness. And I think just knowing that baby can safely arrive at any time from here on out has been so exciting :)

Looking forward to: MY SISTER IS TURNING THIRTY TOMORROW AND I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO CELEBRATE SHE! I just love that girl more than I can ever express :):)

Happy Thursday!

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