37 Weeks

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baby #2 / pregnancy

37 weeks-2 37 weeks-337 weeksThree things: 1) We made it! We can officially have our baby at home now! It was touch and go for a while there ;) BUT it really cemented in my mind how much I really don’t want to go to the hospital. So YAY! happy day. 2) I feel like when I first got pregnant with Abbie, 37 weeks was the standard full term… and then by the time we had her it was up to 38 weeks… but just this morning my email said they aren’t considered full term till 39 weeks! MAKE UP YOUR MIND INTERNET PEOPLE!!! Anyways, bouncing back and forth between two due dates this whole pregnancy, I’m glad we are finally 37 weeks for both dates. That gives this momma a lot of peace. And 3) I still have no clue if this baby is a boy or a girl! Which is making this really fun :) What do you think it is??

How far along? 37 weeks. Aaaand this is getting really real.

Weight Gained: Thirty. Eight. Pounds. But let’s keep in mind I was eight pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight from last time and like scary skinny when I got pregnant so gimme a break. Really I just feel like a giant woman these days. But the Jehovah’s Witnesses that came to my door yesterday said I didn’t look very far along so bless you dear people. With comments like these, I may even consider converting.

Symptoms: I waffle between major nesting (like agonizing over not being able to dust the tops of my curtain rods because I have so many other more pressing things to attend to) and then just crashing from being beyond tired. Who dusts the tops of their curtain rods? I’ve never even looked up that high… Heartburn is in full force this pregnancy as are Braxton Hicks. The last two days have been pretty consistently 10-20 min apart all day and alllllll night but so far not getting super uncomfortable so I hear that’s pretty normal for second time mommas. Little tease.

Movement: Definitely slowed down a bit but still kickin around in there. My kids and their feet! This one can get that foot all the way over like almost to my back! I had no idea my uterus could stretch that far..

Food cravings: Peach Snapple :) I love peach snapple because Greg hates all things peach flavored (except actual peaches) so I never have to worry about him stealing it. Did I mention I turn greedy whilst pregnant? Only while I’m pregnant though… heheh

Food aversions: Most food really. I mean I’ll eat ^^ obviously ^^ thirty eight pounds says that’s not the problem… it’s just that nothing ever sounds good. Hence the loads of takeout cause the lady that used to love to cook can’t stand it anymore. I am ashamed.

Sleep: Pretty good. Except when the BH kick in and I get too excited to sleep :):) I get to see that little face so very sooooooon!!!

Stretch marks? I don’t think so?

Belly button in or out? In but the top kinds sticks out so I feel like a real pregnant woman. In case I had moments of doubt.

Miss anything? I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore honestly.

Mood? Ask Greg.

Maternity Clothes? OK. I just realized my favorite maternity shirt from last pregnancy AND my comfiest maternity leggings have never made an appearance this time around because they are missing! WHERE DID THEY GO!? And I just cleaned out my closet yet again (see symptoms) and doggonit I’m sad about it! But ya, nothing fits (see miss anything) and I’m ready to wear normal clothes again and not feel frumpy huge.

New baby items: Someone got some baby newborn diapers and they be so tiny!!! But no :/ I’m feeling like I need to go get a special blanket or something because this poor baby doesn’t really have anything new.

Exercise: I really wish I had done this update a couple weeks ago because there were two back to back days where I thought exercise was really going to become a thing in my life… but then something happened and it didn’t. But I walked to the store yesterday so that’s something.

Best moment of the week: Man my memory sucks. I can’t remember a thing I’ve done recently besides clean. Suits came back last night! So there’s that.. Greg worked from home yesterday cause of my non stop Braxton Hicks so that was kinda exciting… we went to my cousins houseboat last week! That was fun. And my house is currently very clean! These are the things that excite me… I really feel like I’m missing something huge that happened but oh well.

Looking forward to: BABY BABY BABY!!! I seriously can’t wait. Not looking forward to: labor. But then, BABY BABY BABY!!!!


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