Happy Halfway, Baby!

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baby #2 / pregnancy

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Happy Halfway! Happy all happy things day! I just love today. Isn’t green just the happiest color? Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any of my old green clothes so we had to settle for army green which you know, is a little more communist and a little less HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS but you know, we work with what we’ve got. Abbie can make up for it in all her adorable glory.

How far along? 20ish weeks

Weight Gained: 16 lovely pounds

Symptoms: Here theyyyyy commmeeee…. the smells the smells. stop the smells. I feel like my nose is way stronger this time and yes I can smell you from across the room. It’s okay to be self conscious. Greg’s just accepted he smells bad to me at all times ;) I’m ridiculously clumsy. Don’t give me anything you don’t want dropped several times. I have major butter fingers these days and I am fully blaming pregnancy. Because I’ve never been clumsy before. HA. I can’t remember anything anymore. Greg is using this to his advantage. He totally broke my iron the other day but is saying I probably broke it and just can’t remember… and then he gives me those eyes like you know I’m right. Except that I’m so sure it wasn’t me. So sure. I feel like I’m getting a bunch of symptoms way earlier this time.. like when everything gets all loose and hurty which I feel like was towards the end last time. But not this time. This time is now. My hips have been hurting a lot and I’ve been waking up with back pain quite a bit… probably from not sleeping on my side but I have been trying! so there’s that. Jumping jacks have become embarrassing if you catch my drift. And don’t get me started on the hormones.

Movement: So. Much. Kicking. I just can’t get enough of that stuff. I’m pretty sure that little one is doing river dance in there today – especially considering how much Abbie is enjoying all this Irish music. Her little hand hasn’t stopped going since I put it on this morning. She’s my true little Irish girl <3

Food cravings: There was a cake craving earlier this week… I hinted… no stated… that I’d really like Greg to pick up some cake on his way home but he didn’t take me seriously. Needless to say he had to go out to a bakery later that night. And that cake was delicious… it just wasn’t the right one. So my dear mom, with all her wisdom and understanding about how these cravings work, brought me back the correct cake the next day :) and THIS is basically why we moved back ;) I have the best family.

Food aversions: Healthy food is JUST now starting to sound good but up until say, yesterday, it has not.

Sleep: Oh… the dreams are so weird this time around.

Stretch marks? I noticed a couple more the other day but they seem to have disappeared.

Belly button in or out? In

Miss anything? Ask me that tomorrow.. after the party.. where I naturally become the designated DD yet again.

Mood? Hehe I mentioned the hormones? It’s the strangest thing… the other day I set my keys down and they just exploded all over the room. Things like this keep happening. You, yes you sweet person who is doing absolutely nothing wrong, you are annoying me. Everything and everyone irritates me for no good reason. Greg was sweet enough to take Abbie for the whole day the other day so I could just sit and stare straight ahead. I think I was right on the edge of a mental breakdown haha. For someone who thrives on alone time, I haven’t had more than 2 minutes for well, 14 months and I just started to snap. So now I got a little recharge and I’m doing a bit better but boy was I fun for a while there :)

Maternity Clothes? Still fitting into my pants… I know. I’m rather impressed too.

New baby items: We are still working on your bathroom, baby! You’re welcome.

Exercise: I hauled our whole bush away all by my pregnant self. I think that counts for exercise for at least 2 more months.

Best moment of the week: I mentioned the bathroom reno is still going? Every day is just so exciting. I’m so excited about it! Can you tell? Can you tell?

Looking forward to: It’s Saint Patrick’s Day!!!!! heLLO!

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