Sometimes I Avoid Things

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the daily life

And look at the millions of pictures I have saved on my desktop instead. Like this one. How much better would our Christmas card have been if Greg had let me post the back side?? 2015-Christmas-Card
heheh that little face :):) Gets me every time. Just your friendly reminder that CHRISTMAS IS COMING! and that I’ll be holding a little bundle of baby goodness this year and I freakin can’t wait. Because I’ve also been watching back all of Abbie’s newborn videos and I can’t possibly take in how much she’s changed! She hardly ever makes this face anymore! Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.46.57 AM
So I’m hoping there will be much of that. Plus, not to sound like an alcoholic over here but let’s not forget I haven’t had a Christmas cocktail for the past two years so there is that little perk as well ;) But on a more accurate note, spring is coming in 5 days!! And I just love spring. Happy Tuesday!

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