We kept a baby alive for over half a year!

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12 months of Abbie / Abigail Elizabeth

6mos…six months and five days to be exact! …and I’m late to tell you about it. But there have been a couple things going on.. weddings to help out with and ceilings that needed retouching and mooooooving to attend to so, that’s a good excuse, right? Happy half birthday my sweet little one! You, my dear, have brought such joy to our lives. I seriously cannot figure out why we got so lucky to have a girl as dear as you. We love you little Abigail!

These monthly posts are getting awfully boring since every month it’s the same ol thing: PLEASE SLOW DOWN. PLEASE STOP MY HEART FROM ACHING BECAUSE YOU’RE GROWING AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL BUT IT MAKES YOUR MOMMA SO SAD IN A HAPPY SORT OF WAY. But seriously, this shiz is fun. This month she:

Started to coo. Like a dove. I think she has found her softer sweeter voice and she likes what she hears. I like it too, sweet thang. Also, she can say her D’s and it. is. justthecutest. Dah dah dah dah for days.

Became interested in toys! Now THAT is fun. You just plop her in front of a toy and she’ll sit there and talk and play with it for a good while. But also, the boredom is starting to kick in too… so there’s that… but that hasn’t stopped the same stacking toy from reappearing in front of her again and again. I’m a good mom, I am.

Speaking of… you can plop her in front of a toy! As in, she an sit up! All on her own! And the face planting is basically a thing of the past. Well, I should say the side flopping… now we are into launching and we like to launch a lot. It’s a different sort of face plant. She’s a tough one, I tell you. I may have googled “when to take baby to ER hit head” last night. But that shall be in her seven month update ;)

Ok let’s just keep talking about this sitting up business because it started early this month and she’s just been perfecting it henceforth. She can catch herself when she’s starting to lean… I KNOW! Like a freakin pro! She can reach for a toy, see that the original hand intended isn’t gunna cut it, put that hand down for support, and lean even further with the other hand extended. You guys, we cancelled our cable. This stuff is fascinating. She’s also fascinated by passing objects back and forth from hand to hand… and when she’s fascinated, I’m fascinated. Let’s see how many more times I can say fascinated.

She’s the most content little baby I’ve ever seen! She’s just you know, the best.

Still no teeth (hallelujah says the nursing mom) but the teething is definitely in full force. I mean, her clothes are starting to mold. The drool is outta control.

She loves whatever you are holding. She wants whatever you are holding. She will do whatever she can to get what you are holding. And she loves to gnaw on beer bottles. mmmm cold on my teeth. I mean, I’m assuming.

Loves swings. Duh, who doesn’t.

Loves jewelry or anything shiny. And purse straps. Her eyes literally light up around straps.

Ok, those hands. Oh my goodness. Now she is into twirling them and opening them and closing them and watching them and clasping them and they are just so beautiful. I just love those hands.

She’s become a distracted nurser but is still the best sleeper, loves her brother Bentley, thrives on attention and will always smile for her Papi. Overall, six month Abbie, you’ve been a dream. We love you!

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  1. Cinnypinny says

    Six months already? Oh please slow down time. She’ll be having a birthday pretty soon!
    That Lil’ Diddle is a smarty pants! I was taught that babies who can entertain themselves ( babies who are content ) show above average intelligence – because they can remain calm, without constant stimuli, they can take in more information and learn quickly. I didn’t explain that in clinical terms but I think there is some truth to that.
    Those expressions she makes – melt my heart!

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