Happy One Week, Little!

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Abigail Elizabeth / baby #1


Today, at 5:20, my little girl turned one week old. We celebrated with a cupcake or three. I really can’t believe her first week of life is already over. She has already grown and changed so much and I don’t know how to make it stop! Slow down, little girl! Please slow down. She makes me so proud to be her momma. The noises that come out of her are just the most adorable sounds that have ever hit my ears. She makes THE funniest faces when trying to find the boob. She usually opens her mouth and eyes SO wide and wobbles her head around trying to find it. It kinda makes me fall in love with her a little more every time. I love feeding her. I love snuggling with her. I love waking up to her. She is the joy of our lives and has made us the happiest parents, umm, probably ever. We love you, sweet Abigail! I can’t wait for week two…. and every week after that.


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