40 Weeks – Happy due date baby!

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Today is what we shall call her sentimental due date. It was the date I got when I first found out I was pregnant and had happily cemented it in my mind until our doctors appointment, many weeks later, that involved bursting my Jan 8th bubble and correcting it to Jan 9th. Stupid bubble bursting doctors. Alas, I will always be fond of January 8th. Plus, it’s her great grandmothers birthday so that would have been sweet. Come on, Abbie! You can still make this sweetness happen!

How far along? 40 weeks

Weight Gained: 32.5… ok 32.8 lbs

Symptoms: So very tired all the time. This fun fact makes my midwife think she’ll still be another week or so. << That fun fact makes me even more tired. Umm let’s see, back aches, cramps, pelvic pressure – she’s back to treating my downstairs as a gong, crampy legs, swollen digits leading to the tightest of rings (really should have taken those off when it was even remotely possible), the complete inability to bend over or lift legs more than 2 inches, leaking fluids galore, lots of “strong hugs” as we like to call these practice contractions ;) , and an endless desire to find cake and eat it.

Movement: She’s an active little gal. I told my midwife we should have named her Elle because L is the position she seems to have assumed and stuck with for the last nine months (you know, because everyone wants their fetal positioning to be the thing they are named after). She said she’s never seen a baby so persistent in sticking her little feet out. She must get claustrophobic like her momma when she has to keep her legs scrunched for long periods of time. There is a solution, little one! It involves my eyes looking into yours.

Food cravings: The aforementioned blessed cake. That and watery vegetables. Not together.

Food aversions: Really fatty things that aren’t desserts.

Sleep: Good and bad. Still sleeping more than 2 hours at a time so I think we are golden compared to our near and immediate future.

Stretch marks? No

Belly button in or out? In

Miss anything? Not feeling compelled to grunt all the time. Bending over/lifting my legs at all to put on any article of clothing elicits the most obnoxious sounds. I’m becoming unattractive to myself. Somebody help that poor woman out! Not to mention I frequently get told by husband that “you sounded like Darth Vader again last night.” Breathing normally and preferably not being able to hear myself whilst sitting quietly will be such a luxury.

Mood? Despite the frequent occasional meltdown, I’d say pretty good.

Maternity Clothes? Don’t even fit anymore and I refuse to buy anything else while this little girl makes up her mind to take the plunge into the world. I am so looking forward to a shopping trip for normal sized clothes someday in the next, say, five years. There was a time when I use to be fashion conscience. Where did that lady go? Please don’t let me become sweats mom, as this is the direction I appear to be heading.

New baby items: Hehe her Auntie Kristin got her several lovely white items that I love. That poor child will not even know the concept of color until she somehow escapes into the real world.

Exercise: Greg and I went on a 5 mile hike this weekend that left me utterly broken. Nothing like going into labor when you can’t move a single muscle! But look! We found a little inscription we left on the mossy pipe almost three years ago! I kinda can’t believe it’s still there :) PS it was natural vandalism so no pipes were hurt in the making of this declaration of love. IMG_4466

Best moment of the week: I delivered a successful commission this week so that was a relief! Yay me! // I got Greg and I matching toothbrushes which makes me oh so happy to, with this single purchase, have achieved obnoxiously cute married couple status …oh and also to just have a new one – I definitely wait till they get beyond gross before shelling out that $2.50 for a new one – but when I got home I noticed they were glittery. Sorry, husband. They still look cute in their pink and blue glory in that little cup. // I watched my dog take care of my sick sister which kinda melted my heart more than I knew possible. He hovered over her real quietly and good for a solid 5 minutes. And then I gave him some tissues to bring to her and he carried them very carefully in his mouth and handed them over to her, ever so gently. It was kinda the most adorable thing ever. I really can’t wait to see how he acts around Little. They are already best friends in my mind.

Looking forward to: Meeting our daughter!!!!!!!!



  1. CinnyPinny says

    So excited! Any day , no any minute now! When WILL her birthday be? January 10 th? Oh, I just remembered this is, according to the Chinese, the year of the lamb! ( ok, they say sheep but really, they all start out as lambs, right?) She’s a lamby-pie , or a lamb chop!!!!! Baby is coming!
    This is ALWAYS how I picture it; Jesus is sitting in a cloud holding( Little) and out of the mist of Heaven comes a beautiful stork, stretching his huge wings, flapping a few times. The stork drops a long piece of cloth near Jesus – in this case, pink- and then Jesus says in a whisper, “it’s time, I know just where to send you” , and He starts to wrap her up in the cloth. And then I see the stork doing that high stepping thing, one leg at a time, you know, like birds do when they get excited, ’cause IT’S REALLY TIME!


  2. You look fantastic for 40 weeks!! Seriously. I looked like a puffer fish for sure by 34 and you still look amazing…. maybe it’s the fact that you can still hike 5 miles at 40 weeks that makes me the most jealous lol.


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