Dear Little Girl

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baby #1

IMG_4128 (1)Dear sweet Abigail,
I can’t tell you how much joy you’ve already brought your daddy and me. Your name even means your father’s joy! I can tell you right now, I’ve never seen your daddy as happy as the day I told him you were coming. I can only imagine the party your heavenly father threw the day you were created. You are such a special one. Well, I know I’ve been telling you about Christmas and how magical it is and how you might wanna come out and see it but I also know it’s probably pretty cozy in there and I don’t mind if you want to enjoy it a little while longer. I’m sure gunna miss your little kicks all day but I’m thinking they might be replaced with something even better ;) We sure love you and can’t wait to hold you soon! Here’s a little poem I wrote for you a while back. You might have heard me read it to you a couple times in there :)

 What if I told you
I knew the One
Who placed in the sky
The stars and the sun

 He knows them by name
Like yours and like mine
But you are His treasure
You’re one of a kind

 What if I told you
I knew the One
Who formed the great mountains
Yes! Every one!

But you are more precious
To Him and to me
Than any of those mountains
Ever could be

 Look all around you
It’s all His design
They are great, they are mighty!
They all took His time

But you, my dear
Are exquisite, you know
He formed you most special
From your head to your toes

With tender care
He crafted each part
You were made perfect
From the very start

 I can’t stress enough
He loves you so dear
And though he is Great
He’ll always be near

We love you so much and can’t wait to meet you!


  1. CinnyPinny says

    Oh my goodness – that was so precious. You wrote a poem for your little baby!
    Hilary, if there was ever ANY doubt, lay it to rest; you are a wonderful mother!


  2. CinnyPinny says

    I almost forgot – Print and frame that BEAUTIFUL picture; It’s stunning! You look radiant, positively glowing from the inside out!


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