37 Weeks

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text - 37 weeks

Oh my goodness…

How far along? 37 weeks…. whaaat!?

Weight Gained: 27.5 lbs

Symptoms: Anxiety, hyperventilation, and insomnia. Just kidding, but sorta not. Well, this is becoming very real, very fast yet at the same time I still can’t wrap my little brain around what will be happening so very soon. I really hope it wraps eventually. COME ON BRAIN. I definitely feel like she’s dropped so, well, that’s pretty crazy. That nose of mine is still working on overdrive. My fingers and toes have swollen to normal proportions from their usual freakishly boney state. I like it. I just reorganized my closets. Again. Seriously, my brain can’t even comprehend what’s about to happen in 1 day to 5 weeks. Can’t. Even.

Movement: Last night she did some sort of flamboyant flip or kick that woke me up and kept me up for a nice 4 hours. Mostly because I started worrying in my half asleep state that she turned sideways etc etc and this and that and it’s amazing how long you can lie awake worrying. But also, sometimes I just can’t get enough of her little kicks and wiggles and have no problem laying there for hours and hours in the still of the night, just feeling them. She is so precious. And that foot. I’m so very fond of that foot.

Food cravings: My sugar intake these days is really astounding. The holidays + a lady with zero self control = bad time to be pregnant.

Food aversions: Nope

Sleep: I am trying to make friends with this new gal, insomnia.

Stretch marks? No

Belly button in or out? In

Miss anything? Not particularly

Mood? Up and down and all around

Maternity Clothes? Are comfy but how do you keep the pants up? Mine are always falling down. A belt seems to defeat the purpose…

New baby items: Hey! I finally got some after baby is born books! So you know, I don’t have to turn to google mid high fever and wait for the words “will probably lead to death” to float across my screen. I feel a bit more prepared with my more sensible paper copies that I can turn to in these particular circumstances ;)

Exercise: Is becoming more difficult since things start hurting fairly easily these days.

Best moment of the week: Well since I’m writing this with my tired brain on, the first thing that comes to mind is my puppy gave me some really great snuggles today that pretty much made my heart melt and left me in a napping state far longer than I intended. Voluntary snuggles are hard to compete with.

Looking forward to: Oh my goodness.. since the thought of meeting this little one gives me excitement that I can’t quite handle, I’m going to go with labor. I have wondered what it would be like since well, probably the beginning of time, and I’m so curious what it will be like for me since everyones story seems to be so different. I’m kind of scared/terrified/really excited that I get to experience it soon. And yes I’m weird and will probably be eating my words, pronto, but for now, I’ll stay excited. Because well, after that, comes her face and that… that I just can’t wait for.

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  1. Hillary, this is just the “preciousest”!! What a gift your blogs have been to all of us! You have always made everything you do look effortless, just like your dad does, so you will probably do the same with labor. You’re going to do great. And you will feel like the Queen of the whole world when they lay Abigail Elizabeth Nettles in your arms!! It’s going to be a wonderful day!
    We love you soooo much!


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