32 Weeks

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text - 32 weeks

How far along? 32 weeks

Weight Gained: 23 lbs

Symptoms: Well, I cry a lot, but that’s nothing new. Small hills or sometimes just sitting up leaves me completely out of breath. In fact, I just sat up and Greg said, “well those were a lot of noises…” I’m a grunting, huffing, lady of grace these days.

Movement: I was sure she was gone this week cause all her little kicks seemed to disappear :( I must say I miss them. But, she does seem to have arranged herself in a new position – the one where her entire self is resting on my bladder – so maybe I just can’t feel them as easily as before. I miss that little foot sticking out throughout the day!

Food cravings: Rice

Food aversions: None that I know of

Sleep: Pretty good!

Stretch marks? I swear I saw some – I even showed my mom and she agreed! But now they are gone again so, no.

Belly button in or out? Kinda in but mostly flat and oh so tiny. I forget what my original belly button looked like, it’s morphed so many times..

Miss anything? Having a routine… I’m so thankful to be back here and be around family and friends again but it just takes me so very long to get adjusted whenever we move and I’ve felt so very off since we’ve been here. Bentley has a routine and has been so good and patient in the mornings for which I’m so so thankful. Greg’s got his routine down… it just seems to be me. I feel like I’m all over the place. But, just taking it day by day and realizing we are still in our transition phase helps me not completely freak out but it’s certainly an effort. I’m hopeful for whatever the future holds :)

Mood? I get overwhelmed pretty easily these days :/ I sure hope this isn’t who I am nowadays… Other than that, pretty happy! :D

Maternity Clothes? My dear husband bought me some sweaters this weekend that, for the most part, cover this bump. I love him.

New baby items: Well, I ordered them a while ago but a pile of leggings came in the mail this week! She got so many cute onesies and dresses at her shower but I think only two bottoms so, in a moment of “oh no! it’ll be winter and her little legs will be cold!” I got her a couple more bottoms…. Now I’m thinking, she’ll probably be swaddled up when she’s real tiny and my, these are small… she’ll be able to wear them for all of a week… I should have gotten the 3-6 month sizes…. ah well. Live and learn.

Exercise: My midwife went over pregnancy exercises at our last meeting and man was that a relief. Most of them just seemed like different positions of relaxing, so hey! I think I’m doing pretty good ;) Why yes, I DO spend at least 20 minutes a day with my feet up – who knew this was considered exercise!

Best moment of the week: This week seemed to be filled with good foods! Greg mentioned something about missing making good cocktails so naturally I thought OH! if you make a good cocktail, I should make a good meal to go with it! Somehow I got beef wellington on the brain so off we went with our experiments. Mine obviously ended in tears but his made me definitely look forward to a couple more months when I can have my very own of his delicious drinks. He’s a wizard I tell you. And Little got to hear her Papi’s band for *I think* the first time at the crab feed this weekend! And my mom made a killer Thomas Keller meal and my dad made an incredible German meal with his very own homemade spätzle! Have I mentioned we love food? It was a good week.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving is coming! Thanksgiving is coming!!


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