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I still think you’re a boy

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baby #2 / pregnancy

Oh baby, I’m sorry I haven’t documented your progress as much as your sister. You are welcome to give me all the guilt for the rest of your life, as is the right of the second child. Believe me, I know. You are somewhere between 13 and 15 weeks (and one day if we are really getting technical) and have made this pregnancy a breeze so far except YOU ARE MAKING MY HAIR SO OILY! I am […]

On the day I found out you were coming

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baby #2 / pregnancy

Little things I want to remember about precious baby #2! On the day I found out you were coming, I was sitting in church listening to a sermon on “Change of Plans.” Ha! I thought. This year has been a change of plans… mostly I was thinking how it looked like I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant again for a while and coming from a lady that has always wanted to have her kids […]