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Noah Phillip

I know this is hardly exciting for anyone but me, but we finally got to dedicate our little guy to the Lord yesterday! I’ve been waiting for two years for this to happen and I can’t even either believe it finally did! Naturally, we acted as awkward as possible on stage, complete with half the family mysteriously missing behind Greg, me thinking it was a good idea to take the baby mid-prayer, and even a good trip ending, but HEY! the important part is remembering these kids He has entrusted us to raise, are first and foremost His, and goodness what a weight that takes off my worrying shoulders and what a confidence it gives us to go forward boldly and raise them to know Him and love His people well. So thankful for the support of our friends and family and church family – really couldn’t do any of this without you so thank you, truly, from the bottom of our hearts. We love you! A few pics from our celebratory day :)

Luke kept asking, “but where am I!?” ….

^^THERE you are, Peter! But then Abbie… ;)

^^We were all there – You just gotta piece these all together ;)

^^My personal favorite – the single dad dedication. Dear man :) but where did we goooooo

Because, flowers <3

Favorite moment in life lately was when I told my family I was making beet soup for the party cause it was Valentines day and the color was so pretty! and all I heard was *cricket* *cricket* matched with wide eyes of confusion ;) I thought it was quite tasty in a gardeney sort of way

Oh little Noah, you bring so much joy to our family. I can’t begin to express how thankful I am God gifted you to us. May He use you greatly in His kingdom to bring rest and comfort – the meaning of your name! – to those who come along your path. May you always know how fiercely you are loved by Him and may you learn, at a young age, what a joy it is to walk hand in hand with our Savior. His path is not always easy but it is so worth it. We love you so much. Happy Dedication Day!

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  1. Cinnypinny says

    It truly was a memorable day filled with beauty and love .
    I will never forget it ❤️


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