10 Months!

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12 months of Noah / Noah Phillip

Does he look happy? Does he? Cause he wasn’t… why with these pictures WHYYYYY!?! I say it with every child. Anyways! dear sweet sad boy, this month we are up to FOUR TEETH! And he’ll crawl (properly on his knees, mind you) across the room just to bite you. I’m so excited about the crawling. Life just got very busy but it’s so much fun to see his curiosity blossom. That is when he’s not sad. Did I mention he’s sad?? ;) He loves to be held. He wouldn’t mind if you never put him down. He loves to dance to Ed Sheeran’s take me back to london. He gets his big diaper booty going and it’s the most glorious thing. Also the little hands. Dancing baby hands might be my favorite thing ever. If everyone’s drumming on the table, he wants to drum on the table. He has a newfound desire to be one of the big kids. He has opinions. All of a sudden so many opinions. He’s pulling himself up on all the things… he’s getting back down… it’s all sorts of amazing. He’s been spitting his binky out so I took it away… until I needed it for his Halloween costume and tried to get him interested in it again… he was not… hence only one picture with the complete ensemble… actually, let me put these right here cause the chances of me getting around to doing an actual Halloween post are very very slim. I still have Easter pictures…

Ughhh Halloween…. when will I learn? Anyways, Abbie just loved finally getting to be royalty, Luke could not care less and begged to trick or treat in his underwear and Noah I just know resented me for making him wear his brothers jacket and not splurging on his own appropriately fitting one. But back to the boy of cries and smiles… been trying to phase out the binky… only had a couple moments of public panic when it would have worked swimmingly to stifle the screams. His appetite is insatiable, he loves when Greg gets home, and is drawn to all the outlets. Lil Noah, you sure bring so much joy to our lives! Happy 10 months lil man!

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