The dreamiest month

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12 months of Noah / baby #3

one monthone month-4one month-2one month-3Cause clearly I can’t pick just one ;) THIS BOY. I can’t even describe to you how in love with him I am. I don’t know if it’s because we had more time between Luke and Noah then we did with Abbie and Luke but AHHH the newborn phase just seems so sweet this time around. I completely forgot about the quick little breaths and the sweet little noises and how much they sleep and all the things! Plus it doesn’t hurt that he’s the most mellow little soul I ever did meet! His siblings will be screaming around him and he’ll just calmly lie there or keep on sleeping. He’s just the sweetest! Have I mentioned he’s sweet? ;) He is the first of our three kids to take a pacifier and MY GOSH is that a game changer. He’s the piggiest little eater… loudly snorting and grunting his way through all his feedings. It’s so funny! Probably the biggest, most wondrous difference of all is ….he doesn’t spit up… I never thought I’d see the day. I’ve had to wipe up like a tablespoon of something curdy mayyybe two or three times since he was born but that doesn’t even begin to count. Let’s remember how both Abbie and Luke spit up so much that a normal burp cloth did squat. If I left the house, I’d bring at least 4 kitchen towels and arrive home with them all fully drenched. And if they spit up on you, you’d have to change your shirt… and pants… and probably your undergarments. There was so much! And it was so sour and awful and so I mean… not naming favorites but… ;) this has been a lovely change in babydom. Oh! And not only that! HE BURPS! I’ve never been able to get my kids to burp on command or at least when I patted their backs. E-VER. He’s like a textbook baby. “When fussy, pat back to get out bubble.” This has never been the case. Before it was something like, “when fussy, let nurse for extended period of time and then run around shaking baby vigorously till child falls asleep. Repeat cycle every twenty minutes for four more months.” Seriously I think God knew my overwhelmedness and was being extra nice for at least month one. THANK YOU! My appreciation is through the roof! Anyways, little Noah, we are SO happy to have you in our family. Everyone remarks what a calm baby you are! You don’t like diaper changes but as soon as they are over and you get picked up, the crying stops immediately. There have been several situations where strangers ask to hold you. And for some reason I let them. And they keep holding you …and holding you… and holding you. One waitress held you and took you all around the restaurant to show you to all the guests… then back to the kitchen… wasn’t quite sure what to make of that but the point is, you’re such a sweetheart that people just can’t get enough of you! We sure love you little man! Thank you for making this month the absolute dreamiest!

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