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Abigail Elizabeth / family days

My baby girl turned TWO last week! We celebrated with our first ever entire family sick day/week! So. Much. Snot. We also had a small family party cause how can you not celebrate such a precious little life :) I think I looked like death walking up and down the aisles of Toys R Us the day before, trying to find something that my baby girl would like to open on her special day. I was drawn to the cute wooden cleaning set but what kind of a lame mom would I be if I bought cleaning supplies for a birthday gift… I asked Greg if a Barbie that comes with a dog that poops would do the trick and he said how about a wagon, so we got her a pre-tricycle instead. two-4She was thrilled. But come on, judging from the giant line of snot coming out of her nostrils, I think it’s safe to say she just wasn’t feeling well… Her favorite part about this particular present is obviously the trunk where she can hide moms money. I do enjoy seeing what sorts of treasures she’s stashed away in there :)two-3She really liked the $3 whale toy that flaps its tale though, so that was a hit.two-6Greg made his delicious waffles that I am still dreaming about. I do wish every day was waffle day.two-5She was very confused as to why there was a candle on hers. two-7Eventually she perked up and everyone was oh so happy. two-8Even Luke :)two-10This girl. She’s a special one, she is. She’s fiery and dramatic and oh so goofy but has the sweetest, most tender heart and I just adore every bit of her. I wish I could write every bit of adorable down but I’m just trying to soak it all up, best I can, because HOLY COW SHE’S ALREADY TWO!!!



She’s simply the best :)two-23I made her a sad little cake. Greg says it looks like it was part of a budget party or something thoughtful like that, but crafty-gone-bad-cake-topper aside, I was so glad my dad noticed the whale was puffy. Because I took the time to put the puff in danggit. two-24Dory, the whale (as she is known in this house), was there too. My party decorations this go around are really somethin else ;) but the best thing about kids? She loved them :) and that made me oh so happy :)

Tell me that isn’t the cutest little brother you’ve ever seen :):):)

two-30And then my parents and sister came over and we had the best time! Simple parties are my favorite :)

two-33two-34She got so shy and embarrassed when we brought the cake out. It was mighty adorable. I may have taken one thousand pictures. two-35two-36two-38two-37They were also trick candles ;)two-41two-39two-40two-42two-44two-43two-45two-46two-47two-48

And then the party hats came out..two-56And as all good parties go, favorite youtube videos were shared…

And dancing commenced. two-59two-60two-61All led by the little girl in pink. It probably made my top ten favorite Abbie moments. So, here’s the thing. Ever since this party, she’s been running to get her party hat, brings it to me to put it on, and then drags me into the living room to dance. These are the moments you drop everything and say YES PLEASE because I just don’t see teenage Abbie pulling mom into the living room for a dance party. Although that would be awesome. Definitely my favorite thing she does right now.

And then we took some pretty spectacular family photos. Check out her little dancing arms. I’m telling you, so much good to take in :):)

That weekend, once everyone was feeling better praise the Lord, we headed down to Monterey to see the WHALES! This girl LOVES whales. I don’t know where it came from but she cannot get enough of them. So to the aquarium we go! We were all so excited to see her reaction…


heheh I don’t think she realized how big they were ;)

two-68two-69two-70two-71But once the initial shock wore off, I think she really loved it! And she seemed to enjoy the whole aquarium a whole lot more than I was expecting so that was fun. two-72

two-79two-80two-81two-83two-82two-84two-86two-87two-88two-89And there was a lovely lunch on the sea and my goodness does that boy love his auntie!

two-92Greg has made it his duty to catch Taylor up on not having a brother her whole life. For example by slowly sneaking trash into her water all meal without her noticing… ;)two-93hehe those two make me smile :)two-94And then back to the aquarium to shut it down! Seriously thought we’d be there maybe an hour but she LOVED it!two-95two-97two-96two-98An Abbie Nettles by a Sea Nettles! ;)

How creepy is that octopus??

Happy birthday sweetest girl! I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that you were born. You light up our whole lives and we love you so much!


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