5 Months!

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12 months of Luke / Luke Blane

This badly lit photo is brought to you by a very distracted mom who decided she’s just about had it with the dead tree in her house and decided this was the day to say sayonara to Christmas, thus welcoming a pine needle explosion in each and every corner of her house which led to a day of endless sweeping, therefore completely forgotting to take her baby boy’s five month picture until the sun began to set and the light was no more! BUT HEY! I still got it on the same day so points for me ;) THIS BOY THIS BOY THIS BOY! He’s just the sweetest and I love him so. He has two modes. Happy and sad. There is no in between. He’s just the happiest lil guy when he’s happy and so very heart crushingly sad when he is sad. Do you like my explanation of things? This is my brain now.

Possibly my favorite thing about my boy, Luke, that started this month is the chest thumping. When Abbie was this age, she would keep her hands up by her ears and flap them. Luke doesn’t flap. He beats his chest like a man and it is my favorite.

He’s a screecher. This goes for both happy and sad modes. He is still rocking the HIGHEST, loudest screech of a cry I’ve ever heard, and this month he realized he can also use this high loud screech for when he’s perfectly fine and just wants to express the feelings within. Preferably in restaurants.

He twirls the hair on the very top of his head and it’s mighty adorable. He will also grab yours if you get too close. Abbie has been SO good about it. I fully expect her to scream but she holds so still and waits for me to come help her get that kung foo grip undid. I just love these sweet babies of mine :)

I can’t get him to full on laugh but he has the cutest attempts that warm my whole soul. They kinda sound like big happy breaths and darn it, it’s cute.

If you put him down, he will roll over immediately. It’s like he doesn’t want you to forget he has mastered such skills. Oh and look how high I can push myself up, says he. So many skills, little mister. So many skills.

He lights up when sister talks to him. She’s so SO sweet with him and always gets down at his level and says HAI BAIY-BEI! And he gives her his best open mouth smiles and I just never get tired of watching those two interact. When there is no hitting. Or screaming. Or poking. Etc.

The spit up. I think it’s getting better! I know this because if I go out, I now only bring one burp cloth instead of four. And I still return with it completely soaked but you know – one. Not four. This is big, guys.

Just look at that boy. JUST LOOKIT!
I can’t even begin to be mad at him for howling in my ear or waking me up every. single. hour. every night. Actually this week we are back to about two times a night so PRAISE JESUS! This momma needs more sleep. Little Luke you

I think I just fell asleep



LUKE I LOVE YOU. I love love love being your momma and am so thankful the Lord chose you for us. Happy five months, lil man! STOP GROWING!

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