Happy dedication day, Little Luke!

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Luke Blane

I just love dedication days. They are such a great reminder to me, as a worrying mom, that these little lives that He has trusted us with for the time being, are completely in His hands and I have nothing to worry about. Life is full of so much heartache and confusion but to me, knowing that my great God is in control, is the only thing that gives me peace and the presence of mind to move forward when you just feel like giving up. It’s hard to not be in control. To know that one day, these babies of ours are going to have to make their own big decisions that will affect which way their lives go, but man, to take that load off of us as parents and put it in His very capable hands, is such a gift. So little Luke, we sure love you and can’t wait to see what special purpose He has in store for you!
Greg forced Abbie to give brother a kiss since we weren’t getting enough attention on stage.
She performs on command ;)

Luke means “light giving.” And since he came to our family at a hard, dark time, he’s our little light! Not to mention, as his momma, my prayer is that he’ll share his light with the world. And Blane means “thin”. So he’s already living up to that one ;) But it’s also his daddy’s and granddaddy’s middle name so that’s special to me :) ANYWAYS then we went home to celebrate such a happy day and it was dark and gloomy and wonderfully rainy which nixed our BBQ idea so instead there was a stew that I worried about all night as it wasn’t tasting all that good the day before not to mention, didn’t even look CLOSE to being able to feed 18 people, but somehow a Christmas miracle happened and it tasted just fine and s t r e t c h e d just enough so that everyone had some. I need to work on my crowd portion sizes :/ Anyways, it was such a joyous day. We’ve been so tired lately, throwing parties doesn’t exactly jump to the top of our things to do list, but Greg and I were both so happy, we forgot how fun it is to open up our home. Very thankful for this little place.

Sorry baby boy. Sister got to the chalkboard before I did. Representing our Irish heritage. All 1/32 of it ;)

dedication-8dedication-17dedication-14We are working on our family picture skills. So far, this is all we got.

Well done, Abbie, well done. And then there’s the cutest boy that ever was!

Happy dedication day, sweet boy. I hope you grow to know how dearly you are loved by Him and by us. We love you, Luke!

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