32 Weeks

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baby #2 / pregnancy

32 weeks
32 weeks-2
32 weeks-4
32 weeks-6 32 weeks-7

How far along? 32 Weeks

Weight Gained: 31 lbs …it’s really hard to type that without commenting in some sort of HOLY way

Symptoms: Let’s just go through what I can’t wait to be done with in a couple of months: sneezing and staying dry. having a brain that works efficiently. having some form of energy. not having to dress an egg shaped body every day. overall not feeling huge. not dreading bathing suit season. these sorts of things. sciatica wasn’t so bad this week but it still is obnoxious. and hello braxton hicks all day every day. please stay in there baby!

Movement: Someone’s getting cramped in there! Little feet jutting out all the time :) and hiccups. Lots of hiccups.

Food cravings: CAKE. How do I get more cake into my life!? Is there a delivery service???

Food aversions: Anything other than cake. Except cheese enchiladas. mmmm. I think I’ve survived this whole pregnancy on cheese enchiladas. I would eat them all day every day if I could. And alternate cake courses in there too. That’s probably why baby is measuring so small. Mommas been bad on nutrition. I sorry baby :[

Sleep: Pretty good. Still having crazy hallucinations but that’s normal without pregnancy so… the other day I emptied my entire water bottle onto Greg in the middle of the night. I have no memory of doing it. We just both woke up drenched and confused. And since I was dreaming I was having the hardest time swallowing a giant pill, it seems likely I was the culprit… I’m sorry, Bubba :[ …I’m pregnant.

Stretch marks? Not that I’ve noticed

Belly button in or out? In

Miss anything? Yes! I really miss wearing my wedding rings! I took them off so early this time because last time I waited too long and couldn’t get them off and it was so uncomfortable so I figured with this being a summer pregnancy, I better play it safe… but i’m not swollen at all and I miss them. But they are cleaned and shiny and waiting for baby to arrive so I have that to look forward to :)

Mood? Pretty good. I feel like I’ve reached the point of I’m tired of being pregnant so much earlier this time but other than that being a frequent sentence in my daily dialogue, I’ve been pretty good. It’s just that, at the end of spending an entire day with a slightly dramatic toddler, a nice summer drink sounds so freakin nice.

Maternity Clothes? Greg’s closet fits me better.

New baby items: I feel like I got baby something but I can’t remember. I did organize his or her little drawer and am feeling much more prepared :):)

Exercise: WHEN DO PEOPLE HAVE TIME TO EXERCISE!? I can’t seem to figure that one out.

Best moment of the week: So our field was getting a bit out of control – a grown man could stand out there and disappear, the weeds were so tall! So we finally hired someone to come cut it down for us since we didn’t have any sort of equipment that would be able to handle that job. Well, he said we had a ridiculous amount of gophers (which we already knew) but suggested if we get some kitties, they would take care of said gopher problem – and the rodent problem we have inside our house too…. which means I can sleep in peace and onnnnneeeee dayyyy maybe we could even landscape!! I’ve been begging Greg for a cat for the longest time and here was a man offering us as many kitties as we wanted for freeeeee! We sort of went back and forth – not really wanting to take on yet another responsibility right before baby comes but then, I was woken up YET AGAIN the next day by another rodent in our walls and we said we are getting the cats. Next day, two of the sweetest kittens you’ll ever meet were delivered to our door and my heart burst with joy. But that’s not the best moment. Abbie is so thrilled to have these babies in her life and asks to see them all day every day but the BEST moment was when Bentley finally got to meet them and they bonded instantly! I was so nervous about their interaction cause he tends to either be overly excited or get defensive but he just went right in there, laid down, and let them bat at his ears and tug at his legs. I’ve always wanted a kitty/doggy love combo so this seriously is a dream come true. Now I can’t wait for them to be outside cats because although I love them to bits, I’m so allergic haha and feel like i’m going to explode every time I go and check on them ;) But they are the sweetest. Meet Lucy (black) and Lyla (tabby)!IMG_2514IMG_2517IMG_2518IMG_2519IMG_2521

Looking forward to: Uh currently I’m thinking about the pizza we will be devouring tonight CHEEEEESE the melty cheeeeeseeeee

I’ve gone officially nuts.

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