16ish Weeks

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baby #2 / pregnancy

IMG_7540 IMG_7545 IMG_7546 IMG_7547 IMG_7550Because Greg said my crappy mirror pictures were no good. As shown below. IMG_7290 (1)

Yes dear, your sister got the big camera and you get this. You’re welcome. OK i’ll try to make more of an effort to 1) bathe and 2) document this little one better than that  ^^ because that ^^ is just sad. I mean, my eye. Oh you didn’t notice? Never mind then. Hey! remember this? I probably can’t do it every week because I seem to be a bit busier than last time I was in this situation but whaddaknow, I’m already forgetting each thing so here we go!

How far along? 16 weeks

Weight Gained: So…. my midwife said in order to keep nursing through pregnancy I had to [HAD TO] eat 1000 calories extra a day. I’ve just been doing my motherly duty eating my plate and then yours. So… we are somewhere around 13 lbs haha.

Symptoms: Not much.. starting to finally feel some stretching. I think my uterus was like oh this, ya we got this. And now it’s like, wait, how big do I have to get again? And my nose this time around is outta control. And there’s been lots more fluids in the nose area as well which is actually a pregnancy symptom. I forgot how much fun this stuff is to write about ;)

Movement: Oh man I was so worried something was wrong cause I couldn’t feel baby for the longest time after those first couple days of kicks but then I did again and it brought back all the smiles. It’s the freakiest/most magical thing.

Food cravings: I really wanted some fruit loops in the middle of the night the other day but Greg decided to ignore his husbandly duties and said he wouldn’t go get them for me. I mean really. Also, steak smells amazing.

Food aversions: Not so much. I haven’t been hugely into cooking lately because nothing really sounds good but it doesn’t sound bad either so I’m just a puddle of needs over here. Just try and figure me out.

Sleep: Good except I haven’t been sleeping on my side. I feel constant guilt because of this but not enough to change.

Stretch marks? Heck yes! I got my first ones way down there ;) I guess this time around and after nursing etc I figure my body is what it is and I don’t care so much about it going back to the way it was. Because what if it doesn’t? I hear people make fun of how saggy you get after being a mom but what if we taught our kids to start admiring that? To look at all of those “imperfections” with pride and honor. Ya, I grew a human being inside of me. Ya, I fed that human being with my own body. And ya, I carried that baby till I couldn’t carry him/her any more and now my arms have flab to prove that I am among the warriors. Woman should be so respected for this job of motherhood not pitied because they lost something that our culture holds so dear. In my opinion ;)

Belly button in or out? In

Miss anything? I could have used some wine on Valentine’s Day. And every day cause yumm. Greg reminds me I can have my finger as is allowed but YOU JUST HAVE YOUR FINGER OF WINE AND THEN WE’LL TALK.

Mood? So excited!

Maternity Clothes? Not really… I feel like my pants are fitting way better than last time… maybe cause I got a bigger size after birthing my last child haha.

New baby items: Not yet :]

Exercise: I started pruning my trees yesterday and I am beyond sore today so I’m counting that as my yearly workout. But seriously, last time I said I will definitely stay in shape my next pregnancy so I’d really like to keep that because well, labor is hard! So. Goals. For next week.

Best moment of the week: Feeling baby kick again. They are just the sweetest! And Abbie running around the house squealing her joyful little squeal. Pruning my trees – seriously I’m having the best time. Getting our little nook finally painted – it’s been bothering me forever and it’s finally the correct shade of white ;) Our house is really starting to feel more like home which is such a great feeling. I’m seeing the light at the end of the ever so distant tunnel and my painting days may be behind me soon!!!! I’m praying before baby comes. It’s rather incredible how long it takes with a toddler running around undoing everything you just painted. There have been many deep breaths and calls for patience ;) But anyways… seriously that girl just does the cutest things. I should be writing them down but they’d read back like: she lifted up her shirt and looked at her belly. I just can’t describe all that cuteness appropriately! Also that steak last night was pretty good. See, I can’t remember past last night! Heaven help me.

Looking forward to: OUR RENO STARTING!!!!!!! We decided to do the upstairs bathroom first so we can have guests over and they actually won’t have to go through our bedroom to shower and I’m unbelievably excited. I never in a million years thought we’d be able to own a house here and DEFINITELY never in a million years thought we’d be able to do any sort of renovation on said house beyond like, painting, so this is a scary dream come true! We have no idea what we are doing but I figure it’s the smallest of the ones we’d like to do so it’s a good place to start. And to have a clean, new bathroom!!!! makes my heart sing. Ours are so gross and just give me the shivers every time I’m in there. Every time I give Abbie a bath, I empty the tub and there is so much dirt at the bottom… like it’s coming up the drain… this is what I’m putting my child in. A mud bath. To get clean. So this upstairs dream has got me so excited. Especially with hoping to have a home birth again – every time I think about laboring in our shower I think OH GOSH MY CHILD WILL COME OUT WITH EVERY DISEASE. There is nothing you can do to get that thing clean enough to make me comfortable, not to mention bathing a newborn with their fragile little selves!

Well obviously I haven’t written in a while ;) I’ll be quiet now. Until next time! Love and miss you all!


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  1. Cinnypinny says

    That was so sweet! I’m so glad you found the time – I love your blog!
    I truly believe you but I had no idea your bathroom was bothering you – guess I haven’t really seen it – cause I don’t remember seeing anything like what you are describing! In any case, good for you; a new and improved bathroom!


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