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bumpToday, after spending a considerable amount of time at the DMV and feeling exceptionally ravishing, I dashed my defeated self into Pizza My Heart for a guilty pleasure lunch and got in line behind a man who seemed like he had something to say. “Pizza for the baby, eh?” “Yup,” I laughed. “You make a beautiful momma..” he said as he walked away with a smile and a merry little twinkle in his eye. And enter soaring heart as I stood there in my stretched out maternity pants that keep giving me the good ol saggy butt, and a belly stained shirt (all my shirts seem to bear the familiar markings of a clumsy lady who isn’t aware of her newfound big belly). I, for one, think everyone could benefit from more genuine compliments but for whatever reason we are too shy or embarrassed or maybe we just forget to say them out loud and we end up keeping them in. Plus there’s been a couple times where my well meaning compliment gave someone the creeps or some sort of awful result like that. I’m not the best with words ;) Well, I’m here to tell you, that simple phrase and jolly smile meant the world to me. I know some women feel especially sexy when they are pregnant but I’d venture to guess that most of them feel like I do – stretched out, puffy faced and tired, trying my best to get use to an ever changing body. Did my back always sag like that? I just got new bras! I don’t want to buy them again! Where oh where did that backside come from!? Not to mention, this is a maternity shirt! How is my belly still sticking out!? It can be awfully discouraging but couple that with the extra dose of hormones and an overall feeling of overwhelmed-ness, and a kind word can mean the world. So, if you see a pregnant lady sometime soon, make an effort to tell her she’s beautiful. You may just make her whole day :)


  1. Taylor Welty says

    Can I just say again how much I absolutely LOVE your writing? You are such a gifted and engaging writer, Hilly (on top of being an adorable momma). :) Adorable and gifted through and through, is what you are!


  2. CinnyPinny says

    So very true, kind word goes a long way. I think you are an absolutely adorable, pregnant woman with a beautiful heart. A rare combination, but that’s the truth! Happy, happy Thanksgiving!
    Love, Cindy


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