30 Weeks + Weekend Happenings

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text - 30 weeks

How far along? 30 weeks!!!

Weight Gained: I’m gunna go with 23.5 lbs

Symptoms: So. Very. Tired. All the time. I’m really starting to wonder if I ever had energy in my life. And if I ever could get through a day without tearing up over something. What am I becoming?!?

Movement: She seems to be hanging out in the same position lately with lots of little adjustment movements (Think more stretching, less kicking :) I think she’s getting cramped in there…). I’m pretty sure I grabbed her little foot tonight :):) Seriously, even if it’s the middle of the night and she feels like dancing, she never ceases to make me smile with those little kicks and jabs. Hiccups are a different story. Those can stop, dear one. It feels like a twitching eye.

Food cravings: Milk. I even had a dream that I was craving it so bad I hopped out of bed and made a run to the store just to get milk. I was so sad when I woke up and found out it wasn’t true.

Food aversions: Nope

Sleep: Starting to get a bit more uncomfortable. I think this week is the first that it’s very uncomfortable, nay, impossible, to sleep on my stomach… which is actually surprising. I thought that luxury would have passed weeks ago! Nevertheless, I miss you, stomach sleeping position.

Stretch marks? Not that I can tell! I always ask Greg, “do you think these are the beginnings of the marks!?” but then whatever I thought it was would fade or disappear, so who knows.

Belly button in or out? In, although I discovered a fun new trick today! If I sit up from a lying down position, it pops out! :D My midwife would scold me if she knew I was doing such things since I’m supposed to roll to my side first before sitting up but hey, everyone could use a few more party tricks up their sleeves!

Miss anything? Energy

Mood? So so very overwhelmed

Maternity Clothes? This week it occurred to me that nursing clothes are yet another whole new wardrobe! Or at least finding easy boob accessible tops. Sigh. Challenge accepted.

New baby items: Oh, haha. We received just a few…

Exercise: Mom and I are now determined walking buddies! I shall blast my growing thunder thighs and cellulite away in no time! Aaaaaand starting tomorrow…. ;)

Best moment of the week: Oh, please see below :)

Looking forward to: November is just a day away…. and then December…. and thennnnn JANUARY!!!

So last weekend my sweet aunties put on the most beautiful shower for me and Little. It was seriously stunning and I wish I had a proper camera to take proper pictures of the beauty it was, but I only snapped a couple before the guests came. I felt ridiculously spoiled and loved and had a really hard time not spontaneously bursting into tears over each loving detail but it was truly such a special day and one I can’t wait to tell her about. She is already so loved and well, that just warms my mommy heart like no other. And, probably much to their horror, considering they were planning an outside shower, it was the most magical rainy day and oh so cozy so there was one happy lady over here. I only was up from 1:30 to 5:30 the night before worrying about what on earth I would wear considering most of my dresses are packed and why oh why didn’t I just leave one nice one out. I didn’t get the new dress I had planned for my wedding shower or my baby shower and life went on and my bank account was a little more happy so there, Pinterest. Ok, just lookit all the adorable little dresses my aunts have collected AND FALL, AND WHITE, WHITE EVERYWHERE!!!!


IMG_3445 copy


IMG_3441IMG_3447 copy

IMG_3449 copy^^ There once was a little place called the country court tea room where my parents would take my sister and I for special lunches every now and then (I mean, a real tea place! Talk about a little girls dream!) This beautiful lunch they prepared reminded me of that special little place. It was so very lovely. Also, my dear Aunt Cindy made these adorable pea in the pod candies below. I mean really. She’s kinda incredible.


Ruthie gave the sweetest little devotional that I will probably treasure forever and everyone sang Little a song which was pretty precious. I probably looked really pissed as I focused on the ground the entire time thinking, 1) how do I take notes without anyone noticing, and 2) please don’t cry, please don’t cry, everyone’s looking at you, please don’t cry. All the guests filled out “Wishes for Baby” which gave Greg a good case of the lumpy throat and me the delightful case of the weepy eye when we read them the next morning. Ah jeeze. They were dear. That husband of mine sure has gotten adorable. With all the new books everyone brought to her, he’s gotten in the habit of selecting a new one to read to her each night before bed, and then he kisses my stomach and says a little prayer for his daughter. It pretty much takes away all the feelings of overwhelmedness, if that was a word, that I was having just moments before. And also, children’s books are weird. Has anyone else had a hard time getting through them without saying what the? IMG_3451

In other news, my dear mother in law was in town for a week and other than the shower day (where it appropriately showered), we had glorious weather, got to enjoy lovely lunches, time around the house, and best of all, discover a new beach where Bentley can run to his hearts content. And despite all my fears and sadnesses of him probably not liking the cold water up here, it turns out he’s still a dog and likes the water no matter what temperature it is. I love him.

^^my adorable mommas :)

And to top it all off, the Giants won the series :DIMG_3463

Happy almost Friday which is practically the weekend! Happy weekend everyone! :D

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