15 Weeks

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text - 15 weeks15 weeks really doesn’t sound like that long but 105 days of being pregnant sounds like forever! But then again 25 weeks left, give or take, seems like it’ll be here before we know it! Eeee! Little baby <3 <3 Have I mentioned we are excited?

How far along? 15 weeks

Weight Gained: 7 (!!) lbs

Symptoms: Whoever said the second trimester is sooooo easy, I’d like to track down and give them a good glare down. I’ve had the worst pounding headaches I’ve ever had in my life – like stay in bed all day and try to sleep through it sort of headache. Also, my body likes to go into spontaneous spasms! Those are fun. I found myself on my back, whimpering like a little girl for somebody to come help me. I couldn’t find anything on the interwebs to explain those but if I did, they’d probably say OHHHH ya, that’s because of the hormones and your ever expanding body. Also, whenever I sneeze, Greg usually hears “AHHH CHEW! Ow ow ow owww owww” …kinda feels like someone has grabbed my uterus with a death grip every time. Despite all that, I really love being pregnant so far! I love seeing my belly get bigger and bigger ..and harder! I love pretending like I can feel baby move ; ) I love waking up and seeing a lopsided uterus in the mornings.. for some reason it’s very prominent then.. And I love talking to baby like a crazy person ..oh and possibly, every once in a while, taking out the one baby outfit we have and rocking it. I need a doll, people. I’ve gone nuts.

Movement: I still don’t know what I’m feeling. Next week the books say mayyybe you’ll feel it for real!

Food cravings: Greek yogurt. Much to Greg’s horror.

Food aversions: None

Sleep: Starting to get a bit more uncomfortable.

Stretch marks? No but I did think I spotted some one day and rushed out to get some belly balm which has a 0% chance of being proven to help in the situation but still gives me something to do, so I’m happy :)

Belly button in or out? In

Miss anything? Home

Mood? Mostly bad. Sorry, husband.

Maternity Clothes? Still squeezing into these old things.

New baby items: Knitting away! I’m slow.

Exercise: I do think about it every day….

Best moment of the week: Last night was really nice. I had some good laughs with Greg which made my heart happy : ) He’s had to work a lot lately so it’s always nice to have just a little time to connect again :]

Looking forward to: Our next doctors appointment next week :) :)

PS That dog says hello!

sleeping bentley

^^ fast asleep, dreaming doggy… WILLY good ^^

He’s WEIRD! He’s been a really good dog lately. Bored as ever, but so so good. Except he learned he can jump up directly onto the picnic table. Bad dog.



  1. Cinny Pinny says

    Sorry about the headaches – how awful! My heart goes out to you – yes, try to sleep them off if possible. I’ll pray about that. Pregnancy is NOT easy, NOT at all. But… you are 1/3 there already! Hooray! An apple! It’s a little apple now! (Apple of your eye)
    By the way, you look TOO cute!
    Kiss that dog for me – he’s cute too


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