10 Weeks

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text - 10 weeksEvery day I ask Greg, “Can you see it!?” and every day he answers, “I can see you are sticking it out…” And then he proceeds to try to straighten out my spine which then makes me feel like an ape woman.

How far along? 10 weeks

Weight Gained: 3 lbs.We got a scale! Greg insists it doesn’t give an accurate reading, bless his soul.

Symptoms: Ummmm acne. Fun. Oooo and! I can actually make it through the day without a nap : ) Go me.

Movement: It’s probably nothing since they say you probably won’t start feeling baby till 16 weeks, but last night, just as I was drifting off to asleep, I had my hand resting on my stomach and definitely felt something I’ve never felt before (and believe me, I am familiar with tummy movements. I am a still a Welty). I woke Greg up and told him I felt a TWIRL!! And then I proceeded to feel several more little happenings for a little while after. It was positively magical, so just give me this one and don’t tell me it was just air bubbles ; )

Food cravings: Gummy bears. I’d been talking about my desire to just have a gummy bear for the longest time but every time I went to the store, I couldn’t find them! So the other night when we were coming back from our friends house, we stopped at the gas station and Greg got out to fill er up and when he came back in, he had my bow tie wearing friends in hand! And the people rejoiced.

Food aversions: Not really.

Sleep: I had a very real dream that I miscarried and woke up so sad. It was a boy in the dream. Is this telling?? I’m still convinced it’s a girl : ) Other than that one time, I’ve been sleeping pretty well!

Stretch marks? No

Belly button in or out? In

Miss anything? Drinking liquids without feeling guilty : ) Doctor said I can’t have coffee, juice, milk, smoothies, soda or basically anything remotely fun. That leaves water. I’ve been disobeying.

Mood? I was wondering when the irrational angry mood would kick in. We got a dose of that one last weekend but overall, been pretty happy : )

Maternity Clothes? My “fitted” shirts are feeling a bit too sausage casing for me these days :/

New baby items: Still doing my research : ) Babies are awfully fun to research.

Exercise: I did it! I did 5 days a week last week! So. Stinkin. Proud. Now for this week…

Best moment of the week: Probably finding this in each one of my kitchen drawers <3


^^ yuss my drawers are messy BUT I know where everything is so that’s all that matters : )

And whatever I felt last night at the very least made me so very excited to start feeling movement on a regular basis! I couldn’t stop smiling : )

Looking forward to: More baby moving!! Aaaaand Greg actually believing that I am not in fact walking around pushing my stomach out all the time.


  1. I love the way you are writing this: Food aversions, Mood, Sleeping, Best moment etc. &, even more so, the pictures of yourself with the beautiful script describing baby’s growth. It’s like a poem really and I think you should put them ALL into a book. So happy for you both! Greg’s ‘ kitchen drawer’ surprise is WAY TOO sweet – we LOVE that guy!
    Keep writing, if you feel up to it – we love reading & learning All about you; makes us feel close.
    PS: This much I know; that “bump” is INDEED baby! You are notoriously thin and thin women can’t hide growing prunes (and other seeds or fruits).
    PSS: OK, I don’t know that for sure, but I WANT bump to be the baby so…plus, you look SO cute!!
    Love you, Cindy


  2. Twirlink?!? Ohhhh that is the most sweetest thing! If I had you and Greg as parents (ok, I know that’s a weird statement), I’d be twirling too :) Greggy has the coolest of ideas to make you feel loved – he’s the best bruv-in-law! And it IS a little hard imagining your tummy is growing, since you’ve been pushing it out since you were 12… hehe! But I do think I see a difference between 9 and 10 months, if that’s the same shirt…. That little person is growing unt growing! :D


  3. Hi there! I know this was posted ages ago but in order to keep my mind preoccupied while waiting for my first prenatal appointment (I got a positive test result Jan 27th, and am waiting for March 7th for my first dr’s visit- I’m going nuts!) and I was just wondering about your drink comment. Your doctor said no milk and juice? Why? Was it the same for your second pregnancy too?
    Thank you!
    -Curious Mommy to be


    • Congratulations! That’s so exciting! I think it was because of the sugar in those drinks. They just want you to eat/drink as healthy as possible to give your kiddo the best start possible. My midwife hasn’t explicitly said the same thing this time around (although has mentioned to watch my sugar again) and actually has encouraged me to drink a lot more milk… so I say don’t stress, just try to be your healthiest version of yourself and you’ll be just fine :) good luck!

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      • That makes sense! I had been curious about the milk intake. I’m a bit lactose intolerant but I’m able to handle milk right now luckily so just wanted to make sure! :) Thanks for getting back to me!

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