You know you’re old when

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terrific trips

…you go to see one of your favorite bands yet another time and get tired and slightly anxious that it’s standing room only. But hey! We went to a concert for the first time in forever so be proud of us. And here’s your token lame concert picture. IMG_7747 (1)
And another just because these are actually way better than my flip phone days. IMG_7752
Just look at that young, hip crowd, holding that fine gentlemen on that light-up mattress thingy… the smell of bodies and sweat is still lingering in my memory and now I so vividly remember that I do not miss that part of those days ;) Greg leaned over and whispered the sweetest words to my ears: you smell so much better than everyone else in here. I beamed with pride. I initially made fun of him for wanting to get there early so we could get a seat and not have to stand but then as it turns out, there were no seats and I panicked a little inside since my body doesn’t do well with the standing. I’ve actually seen a doctor about it but it kinda just starts shutting down if I stand in one place for too long… I get all hot and shaky and then start to black out unless I lay down. It’s really fun. It’s happened on the bus, in a museum, in the grocery store, in the grocery store parking lot, practically every day doing dishes etc. The doctor said just like how some people pass out when they see blood, I pass out when standing. Now you know ;) I can walk and walk for days but standing is no bueno so I figured if I just kept moving, we’d be good. So there I was bobbing about awkwardly, convincing people I was that into the music, but really just trying to stay upright, but body said HA I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING — YOU CAN’T TRICK ME! and I had to go sit in the bathroom for a good portion of the show since those were the only seats available ;) I’m the best date. But we had the best time. We walked there from our hotel in the raging wind and rain and arrived completely drenched with an umbrella that did not have one remaining spoke to hold it up. IMG_7753
I was so glad I took the time to do my hair. But when we got back to the hotel, they had the deepest soaking tub I ever did see and it was the most lovely treat to warm up in before jumping in bed wayyyyy past our usual bedtime of 8:30. And we got to have a whole night of uninterrupted sleep and breakfast in bed and MY I could get used to this. IMG_7746
And this is what happens when you are pregnant and can’t decide and your husband lets you order all the breakfasts you want. :):) I love him.

We walked around Old Town and enjoyed a lovely lunch with no wailing baby and it was glorious. IMG_7754
Oh look! ^^casually ordering a cocktail because there isn’t a screaming child seated next to us! How rare. Our last time in a restaurant with her involved quickly ordering everything to go because she was, you know, mad that she couldn’t put all the sugar packets in her mouth so I took her outside to cool off which resulted in her falling, hitting her lip, and blood streaming everywhere as I rushed her back through the restaurant, with the blood still going strong, wailing at the top of her lungs. Her lip swelled up to the size of her nose. It was fantastic. So anyways, this date involved none of that for us. We got to hold hands and carry on a conversation and shoot flashing lights. The best! IMG_7745 (1)
Myyyyy husband got them all. So proud.
So overall, being old isn’t so bad. And to top it off, I got to come home to sit in my new bath and dream and dream. My giddiness level is off the charts. IMG_7758 (1)


  1. Hehe your stories are so fun to read… I love love LOVE the way you write, Hilly! Thank you so much for keeping up with your blog! What a beautiful breakfast you got to enjoy (sans siren, hehe). I’m so glad you guys were able to enjoy a fun date together!

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  2. That same passing out while standing thing happened to me with both babies. I ended up sitting in the grocery store on the floor MANY times while people walked by me thinking I was nuts. It was awful!! And scary.


  3. CinnyPinny says

    Oh my gosh, that was so funny! I’m still laughing! Picture in the elevator is hysterical!
    What a lovely hotel and hotel-experience! Good for you. Can’t remember the last time we ordered breakfast in bed – good job, Greg!


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