The baby that finally got her nursery

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IMG_8442Sooooo that wasn’t a weekend project like I thought it would be. Things sure do go slower with a baby… but it’s done! (sorta) And she has a room!! It didn’t turn out anything like what I was thinking – everything that could go wrong, did go wrong – but after many deep breaths and overwhelming prayers for patience, I think it turned out cute and best of all, she lights up in there and gets all giddy and adorable because I’m pretty sure she knows it’s all for her. I showed her this rainbow pillow I brought back from Target and she just would smile at it and burrow her head in my chest, then smile and burrow on repeat. It was basically the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. IMG_8451

Aren’t they just the cutest together? Ah jeeze.

So, she got my dream childhood bedroom with the low slanted ceilings. I remember seeing this attic bedroom in Carmel with this loveliness going on and oh how I dreamed of such a space! And now she has it and all is right in the world. IMG_8212

Those animals. I had visions of doing all this cool art for her room but that quickly went out the window when I realized it’s really hard to concentrate with a baby that just wants to be held. and held and held. and held some more. So when the computer was acting up, and then the printer and then and then and then, we turned to the super fun water color pencils (which really are super fun, I’m just really bad at them..) and called it a day. IMG_8453

IKEA, man. I am so over IKEA. That freakin dresser had so very many parts and I just wanted it to be done already. Who knew having fully assembled furniture was such a luxury? I got these cool colorful knobs from Anthropologie and couldn’t wait to put them on to spruce up the plain dresser but then… they just weren’t right. I tossed and turned all night and realized it was just because…. drum roll please… there was too much color. How sad am I that simple colorful knobs freak me out. I already painted her walls something other than white – don’t push me with the color! ;) So we returned them and got some pretty sea glass colored ones instead. And these I love :)  IMG_8458

Aren’t they pretty? :)

IMG_8454I just love seeing all the little things people gave her around her room. They make me so happy and each thing is so special to me. But those hot air balloons. My goodness am I not a crafter. I don’t know where I come up with these ideas and actually think they will turn out but ugh… I kept finding myself in the craft store trying to figure out what the heck I was doing and more importantly, whyyyy. Why do I feel compelled to cut up tiny circles of paper and paper mache them with a curious and (crawling!!!) baby nearby? Why do I have to hang puffy clouds above her crib so she feels like she’s in a dreamland?? Actually those were really easy and fun but still, why? Aw well, if you don’t look too closely, they look sorta cute :) and detract from the very cute boys nursery I apparently was headed towards. IMG_8452

She has the best windows in her room. (They apparently need to be cleaned ;) ) But! They are big and beautiful and look out on the most lovely redwood trees. To keep with the theme of how badly I suck at DIY projects, my hand slipped and broke one of the gorgeous panes from the 1800s, so we’ll just add that to the list of things Hillary shouldn’t touch. I was trying to get her hardware off so I could make it beautiful again! It has yet to be made beautiful. It has yet to be put back on. The window is still broken. Points for me.IMG_8469

And here’s our reading corner with the pictures that are hung too low but I’m too tired to fix them right at this moment. And let’s just zoom in on this little guy. IMG_8474
He makes me happy. And yes we still have to replace the outlet covers. And yes outlets are the most intriguing thing to play with at this point in her life. WHY IS THAT? She is drawn to them like a freakin magnet. IMG_8472

Those shelves. So much anger. I think that was my tipping point where all the sad/mad/frustration inside me bubbled out and over and turned me into a sad sort of Hillary puddle. I went down to Greg and collapsed in a ball of misery and he finished hanging them. :) My savior. Seriously, just thinking about that experience makes me angry all over again ;)

So that’s about it! It’s definitely far from perfect but there sure was a whole lot of love poured into this little space. And we got it done before she turned 15 so… go team Nettles!


  1. Taylor Welty says

    Oh my gosssssssss that is the cutest nursery I ever did see! It makes my heart so happy seeing Abbie in her own special space and the way she seems to appreciate it already. What a dear little girl. And each thing is so lovingly appointed… What a special room! I’m coming to visit you on Saturday! Get ready. ;)


  2. CinnyPinny says

    LOVE IT! The hot air balloons hovering near the Eiffel Tower – precious! Love the toy box too! You’re so good at this, you should take up interior design. Oh wait…you ARE an interior designer!
    Love, Cinny Pinny
    PS: I always wanted a cloud or two in my room growing up!


  3. cmbonwell says

    Her room is prefect! I feel like I’m turning pages in a magazine, she is so beautiful and it’s hard to see all of these pictures of my sweet niece when all I want to do is hold her and tell her how much she is loved by family so far away. Miss you all and so happy for your new home. XOXO


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