Thank You!

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wedded bliss

dinnersOh man, this motherhood thing is kinda amazing. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we appear to have the easiest baby of all time…. which is kind of freaking me out. She hardly ever cries, she pretty much sleeps through the night with maybe one or sometimes two feedings, she just cuddles and coos, she keeps her legs in a perfectly upright position whilst changing her diaper. It’s freaky. I just know something is either wrong or God is giving us a break before unloading the nightmare children in the future. Anyways, in these days of lazy lounging and daylong cuddles, Greg and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! so much to everyone who has visited and been so generous bringing us meals and flowers and books and things. I can’t even express how blessed we feel. To my parents especially, you guys have been over the top and we are forever grateful. Greg and I sit in bed all day thinking, what are we going to DO when people stop bringing us meals on trays? We’ve been spoiled rotten with steak dinners and china and crystal goblets – holy cow we feel like the king and queen! Amazing salmon lunches, delicious deli sandwiches, BOEUF BOURGUIGNON!!!! Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all your love and generosity. I can’t even begin to express how grateful we are for all of you and how blessed we are knowing Abbie has such amazing people in her life now too! Thank you. So, so much. We love you guys!


  1. Omg that all sounds amazing! I wish I could say my daughter is that easy going but just when I think I have it down she throws me curveballs. We’re getting there though. I’m so jealous of the food. We’ve pretry much been on our own so I’ve been trying to cook sometimes and have something in the fridge that’s easy to heat up. Enjoy it all – so happy everything is going well for you!


    • Haha I’m waiting for the curveballs… I have been unloaded on a couple times so maybe those count for something. They mostly just make me laugh ; ) Turns out living with the parents and a newborn definitely has its perks! I applaud you for cooking and tackling it on your own. I think if we are blessed with another baby we will definitely be hitting the freezer foods : ) Enjoy your little girl too! She is so precious


      • Oh lady you are so lucky to be living with parents right now! I would so appreciate some extra hands but all of our family is out of state. We’ve had a few visitors but only my sister-in-law has actually offered to help with anything. I try to do what I can but realized last night I need to focus on myself a bit more. The house work and food can wait if I’m tired! We have stuff in the freezer we can eat if needed. We are certainly enjoying her! Thank you!


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