16 Weeks & Happy Birthday Bentley!

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text - 16 weeks
Greg keeps saying, “I can’t wait till your belly is that big” to which I reply, “it is that big” and he goes into a mild state of shock or horror.. I’m not sure which.

How far along? 16 weeks

Weight Gained: 8 lbs.. Well, actually it was 10 lbs at the doctor yesterday but today it’s 8 so we are going with 8 ;) The doctor said “that’s a lot for most people but you should be fine..” Whoops. Go away constant hunger. Go away.

Symptoms: Better this week! Just sleepy and out of breath easily ;) And lots of streeeetching insides.

Movement: Oh who knows. I was certain I felt something when I was with my mom the other day but then, as usual, I started doubting myself as soon as I couldn’t feel it anymore. Maybe next week I’ll be sure!

Food cravings: A passover meal. Everything about that sounds good.

Food aversions: Greg has been requesting chicken. I have not been a fan lately.

Sleep: Pretty good this week

Stretch marks? I don’t think so

Belly button in or out? In

Miss anything? Vino :[

Mood? Anxious

Maternity Clothes? Still holdin out but these buttons are at their limit ;) 

New baby items: Well, why yes! I DO have some new things for my Little! Lemme show you. :):)

^^the softest bunny in the world. An adorable giraffe rattle. A book with a tail and soft things to touch ;) and oh the softest little outfit you ever did feel. I die over that little hat ^^

^^ The softest bunny in the world and his friend, the adorable polka dot giraffe rattle. A book with a tail and soft things to touch. Oh! and the softest little outfit you ever did feel. I die over that tiny hat. I apparently will buy anything if it is soft.^^

Oh and how could I forget! A friend gave us a crib! God is good to provide such things for us : )

Exercise: I don’t like this question *she says as she shovels chocolate cake into her mouth* I did go swimming and walking with my momma last week! She’s more disciplined than me.

Best moment of the week: Getting to see my family alllllllll weekend : ) More on that soon! WordPress doesn’t seem to want to cooperate at all today.

Looking forward to: Our next doctors appointment in two weeks… I hope it’s a better experience than this last one which was horribly disappointing. Our baby has a very very round tummy though. That’s all I got out of it. I came home and burst into tears convinced something was wrong and that’s why she rushed through it so she wouldn’t have to tell us.. but my sweet husband made me sit on his lap and watch the video he recorded very carefully, to see that it was in fact moving its little hands and feet around and not dead and floating like I had assumed. He’s good that one of mine. And man do I cry easily these days!

In other news, it’s my boy’s first birthday today :) :) I had visions of party hats and a dog friendly cake but maybe I’ll just save those celebrations for our actual children. Plus Greg had a work party tonight and the idea of donning a pointed hat and blowing out my dog’s candle by myself seemed to hit a new level of pathetic. So we went to the beach instead. He. Was. The. Cutest! He’s become fearless in the water and will swim wayyyyy out there to retrieve his ball. He was so good today. Gush gush gush. I love him. I think he (and I) will be sleeping from now until morning. We be sleepy. I wish I could show you how handsome he has become but again, uploading certain pictures hasn’t been working today so we’ll settle for this one instead. The picture that had me at hello. I picked him cause he was the weirdest looking and boy am I glad I did. He’s the best. Thank you, random website that brought us our discount puppy. You were swell.


^^ Whoville feet. So dea. ^^

He used to have the cutest hop and slide that we never did fully capture but here’s the closest we’ve got to the cuteness that was his puppy self. And yes, we did get him the day after we moved in, so never mind the stacks of boxes that were our decor. I have a feeling when baby comes, we’ll be in this same situation all over again. Oh the joys. This boy is a terror but we love him so : ) Happy birthday my little Bentley Bear! We love you!!!

Now I must go join my pup and shut my eyes and yes I know it’s not even 9pm yet. Sweetest dreams to you all!


  1. Oh my goodness – where did you find that rabbit? I have to have one! My husband and I met because we both raised rabbits and that is one of the most adorable baby items I’ve seen yet! On a second note – I feel the same way about chicken. I just can’t stand it right now. I usually get a chicken chimichanga at our favorite Mexican restaurant and last time I ate cheese enchiladas. Glad all is going well – I love seeing all the updates from those who are close to where I am with my pregnancy (17w1d).


    • Oh thank you! I’ve been seeing them all over in little children’s shops.. it looks like they have lots of bunnies on their website (jellycat.com) but i’m not sure if they sell them there.. Nordstrom looks like they sell them : ) Hope that helps! It’s very sweet and oh so soft. Thanks for following along! I love checking in on anyone who is close to me too ; ) it’s become sort of an obsession… Hope all is going well for you! I’m sure we will love chicken again soon ;)


      • Thanks so much for the info!! I found a store that is going to order the one I want. In the meantime I bought an adorable grey striped cat! I’ll post pics later for my next update! I can’t believe how much fun baby shopping is!!! :)


  2. Cinny Pinny says

    Again, you look so cute! Just a thought, remembering way back to my pregnancy: when a doctor visit goes well, you are in & out – they save their time for problem patients – not the healthy ones. ( I was terribly sick – all 9 months – and the thinnest I’ve EVER been in my whole life – and still, in & out. It took me longer to crawl up the stairs to her office than the appointment itself.) I would bet the farm that nothing is wrong!! Happy Birthday, Bentley! Kisses and kisses and hugs! I’m very glad to hear you are sleeping and napping. It’s the best thing you can do for your health right now. Good for you!
    Sweet Dreams, Cindy


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